"So how did you get into woodworking Amanda?"

That is the number one question I get asked when people find out I make wood art and furniture. 

Well, you could say I was kind of born into it. 

My dad was a carpenter and my mom is an Interior Designer. Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by sawdust, power tools and very creative and passionate minds. I suppose it rubbed off on me. 

Really though, it began with a nudge. This inner calling of sorts. 

Something kept gnawing at me to to buy a saw and start cutting. I'd dabble here and there until one day in November of 2016 I saw a piece of art made out of wood on Instagram and realized that I had the talent and skill and most importantly, the passion to do that too. I found my own style and look and haven't stopped. 

I mostly am hired for commission work but I'm always open for any opportunity. Just reach out and say hi. Let's chat and possibly collaborate.

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