Ep 3: Why I Gave Up My Comfortable Life to Live In a Yurt on a Goat Farm

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Sometimes the beating of our heart’s desires don’t always make sense. At least, not for a little while that is.

I never once thought about living in a yurt until the opportunity arose and became a very real possibility in my life. If anything, I always thought of myself as more of a tiny home or cabin deep in the woods gal when it came to alternative living.

But when the opportunity for this experience came into my life on one serendipitous early July afternoon, something inside of me knew I had to pursue it.

True to how most of the things I’m suppose to be doing happen, it all unfolded rather effortlessly and today, I live in a yurt on a goat farm in Northern California.

I’m excited to share more with you in this episode.

Episode Highlights

  • Why I moved to a small town to live in a yurt and how I never even wanted to live in one!

  • The questions I started to ask myself that got me to make changes.

  • Why I often feel like a fraud.

  • How my unhappiness made me say “Hell Yes!” to this dream

  • What my goals for "#yurtlife are

  • Listen to the end because I ask you POWERFUL questions to get you to make real, impactful changes in your life!


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