Ep 2: Is Cancer A Gift? How A Cancer Diagnosis Changed My Life

Sometimes it takes getting really sick to understand the value of life. Hopefully, for you, it doesn’t.

Today I share how being diagnosed with cancer right as my wood art business was taking off forced me to make some big decisions about how I was going to show up in life.

Illness is running ramped in our country and it seems like more and more people are facing some incredibly challenging decisions in regards to their health and life. My family is no stranger to this.

My hope with this episode is I give you the courage to move forward in your life, regardless of whatever challenges you are faced with.

I hope it inspires you to live your fullest, most authentic and happy life and not take one day for granted.

Episode Highlights

  • How my cancer experience changed the way I make decisions in life.

  • How creativity is the souls way of communicating to the world.

  • My top things to stop doing if you are doubting your creativity and how it will help.

  • Why the time is now.


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