so, what's the deal with these oils

Essential Oils 1o1.png

I've been a closet (and not so closet) doTERRA essential oil user for about three years now. 

I remember feeling intrigued by essential oils but had no idea where to begin. I had no idea that not all oils are created equally. 

I'd peruse the isles of my local health food store and wonder where to start. Quite frankly, I'd get a little overwhelmed and walk away from the isle, thus the oils all together. 

Then one day I put a question out to the land of Facebook asking about various brands. It came down to two. 

After doing my research and trusting my gut, ultimately, I was swayed by the aesthetics. It came down to branding. I'm not kidding here. I really loved the way doTERRA. Being an incredibly creative person, this aspect was and is, in all honesty, important to me. 

So I dove into the world of oils. 

And they've been a pretty big part of my every day life ever sense. 

I'm going to be very transparent here though. 

Do I think essential oils are the cure all? No. But I do think they offer incredible life enhancing benefits that a certain quality to your life that is insurmountable. 

Whether you only ever diffuse them into the air, they really can take you from a crap mood to feeling light and optimistic. 

I do believe that essential oils helped in reducing the appearance of my radiation burn and I do believe that Frankincense is the "Kind of Oils" and taking a drop under my tongue in the morning and at night does affect me on a cellular level. And doTerra offers the scientific evidence to back it up. 

What you wont find me doing is preaching that they are the only thing that you should ever do and try. 

You wont find me saying that I've cleaned out my entire medicine cabinet and replaced it all with oils. I almost have but I still do, every now and then, rely on a few over the counter options because well, I believe in balance. 

And I am not a doctor so I do not feel comfortable giving advice that a doctor would give. 

I will however, share with you how I use them. 

I will share the science behind the oils that doTerra has put time and resources into to share with you. 

And I will share with you why doTerra is such an increidble company.