Why Hire a Health Coach?

You may be asking yourself,  "why would I hire a health coach?" What exactly does a health coach even do? Well, both are incredibly good questions and it's my hope to clarify here today.

Tell me, when was the last time you felt like you really had someone giving 100% of their energy to help you succeed? Someone who was pushed you to be the best, most authentic self you can be?

Well, that right there in a nutshell, is the primary job of a health coach. To help you uncover and discover new opportunities so that you can live the most healthy, happy and fulfilling life imaginable.

As much as it is about what you put in your body, it goes so much deeper then that. Many of us have constant negative self-talk that is preventing us from fully being who we are suppose to be. Sometimes this is even unbeknownst to us because it's all we've ever really known. Have you ever really stopped and listened to your thoughts? Try it, watch what comes and goes on a regular basis. It may just sound a little something like this; "I'm never going to lose those ten pounds, it's no wonder I'm single, I just can't do anything right, when I get that promotion or meet 'him' or 'her' I'll finally be happy," and so on and so on.

We spend so much time thinking about 'when' we are going to be happy instead of giving ourselves permission to be happy now.

When was the last time you did something that truly made YOU happy? Something that filled your bucket and made you feel alive, grinning from ear to ear?

That's what I thought.

We are brought up to believe that as adults, we can't have that same carefree fun that we had when we were young. Trust me, I've been right there with you in thinking that being an adult meant being 'responsible'. And it is, BUT, just because you are responsible doesn't mean you can't have fun and live the best life imaginable.

Hiring a health coach isn't a sign of weakness but actually takes a great amount of strength to admit that you are stuck and need help pushing forward. Together, you will learn so much about yourself that looking in the mirror will start to become a whole lot easier and you will actually love the skin you are in! Wouldn't that be amazing!

Many of us use food as a way to fill those missing voids in our life. Unhappy in your job? Well, eating that second cookie may provide a momentary glimpse of false happiness but wouldn't it be incredible if you were so busy being happy that you didn't even notice the cookies in the first place?

That's exactly what working with a Health Coach can help you discover!

So, what are you waiting for? Your true, authentic, beautiful life is waiting!

It would be a honor to work with you. You can contact me here for more information on how I can help you uncover your truth!