Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Triffle

So I'm leading a clean eating challenge right now and I also happen to be about to get my moon cycle which brings out this side of me I have little, to no control over. She's edgy, extremely sassy and knows what she wants and will do just about anything to get it. There is no reasoning with her. 

And yesterday she wanted chocolate and custard, two of her biggest food weaknesses. If you took her out to dinner and there was any kind of custard on the menu, she'd be done for.  Which essentially means I'd be done for. 

But I've learned that I can trick her into thinking she's eating something decadent and sweet when in fact, she's really eating something that is a better alternative. It's still decadent and you probably don't want to eat the whole jar, but you can at least satisfy the beast. She's none the wiser though and as long as she's happy, we are all happy.

If you ever happen to meet her, her name is Mandy. And this is what I made for her yesterday. She was quite content with it. Phew. 

Vegan Chocolate and Peanut Butter Triffle

What you need:

1.5 scoops of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
2 cans of Organic Coconut milk (chilled in refrigerator)
1/2 cup organic peanut butter
Shredded coconut
Fresh or frozen blueberries to garnish
Small glass jars. 

To make: 

1. Open chilled cans of coconut milk and scoop out the solid cream into two separate bowls. You can hold on to the liquid for smoothies!

2. In the first bowl, add the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology and mix with coconut cream until smooth and silky. Do the same with the peanut butter and coconut cream in the second bowl.

3. In one of your small glass jars, start layering your triffle. Add a layer of the chocolate mix on the bottom, then the peanut butter mix, then a think layer of shredded coconut and keep going till you reach the top. Top off with your blueberries. 

There really is no strict method. It will probably be enough for 2-3 small mason jars but that depends on how much you eat as you are making it. Ha! Or is that just me?