whipped honey-garlic tahini dressing

I'm pretty sure this recipe came out of desperation. I have a deep love for any kind of dressing that is plain not good for you: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, rich and creamy burger sauces, you name it and I want to smother, not lightly coat, everything in the stuff. It's one of the reasons I can't eat pizza (even the gluten-free kind) very often because I'm a dipper and usually it's more like, "I'll have a slice of pizza with my dip, thank you! However, because I believe everything should be done in moderation, I reserve my dip and pizza for special occasions.  And I know it's okay to have some every now and then but one little tablespoon (the recommended serving) well, that's a tease for someone like me. 

However, desperate times call for me getting my hands dirty in the kitchen, which is fine by me because I love cooking and making healthier alternative to those 'naughty' old time favorites. And a girl needs her dip! 

So one day I was desperate for something creamy for my kale salad and I had a pretty barren cupboard but I did have tahini, garlic, honey, lemon and salt. "Alrighty," I thought. "I need my dip." And thus, this came into creation. 

Just a word to the wise though, if you aren't too keen on a super garlicy flavor OR you have a hot date in the same day that you decide to eat this dressing/dip, maybe go a little lighter on the garlic. So now you've been warned. 

whipped honey-garlic tahini dressing {dip}


1 cup tahini
1 tsp honey
1-2 cloves garlic (roasted or not)
1/2 a lemon
pink sea salt
water to thin 

How to Make:

1. Blend all ingredients until well combined. It may thicken up a bit. This is why I add water. Add about 1/2 cup of water and continue to blend on high. This is where you get the whipped affect and it becomes super creamy. Continue adding a little water until it is smooth and creamy. 

2. Serve and Enjoy. 

Yep, it's really that easy!