A Savoury Soul: Jess Ainscough//The Wellness Warrior

So often lately I'm stumbling across writers in the blogoshere that I feel like I'm destined to know in some way, shape or form. Their message and life's purpose resonate in a place deep down inside me and I want to jump up and down, cheering because I feel like they are speaking directly to me. The writer I'm sharing with you today, many of you may have already heard of, but she was one of the major motivating factors behind my decision to make some huge, healthy changes in my life and I've gained so much inspiration, light, and wisdom from her that it would be silly for me not to share her with you.

Please meet Jess, founder of The Wellness Warrior.

Jessica Ainscough

Jess Ainscough, or known by many as The Wellness Warrior, came into my life about two years ago when my friend introduced me to her blog, The Wellness Warrior. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer throughout her left arm and shoulder called epithelioid sarcoma, her only option, if she wanted to survive, was amputation and even that wasn't a 100%. 

Knowing deep down inside that this course of treatment wasn't the option for her, Jess and her parents sought out every piece of knowledge they could on alternative forms of treatment, thus landing on The Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy, founded by Dr. Max Gerson, is an "alternative therapy that activates the body's extraordinary ability to heal itself  through an organic, vegetarian diet that incorporates raw juices, coffee enemas, and natural supplements."

Jess began the therapy two years ago and after completing it in April, she is now on the basic Gerson diet, helping her to maintain her super clean diet and lifestyle. You can read all about her experience here.

Jess inspires me in so many ways and from what began as a blog to document her journey healing from cancer has turned into a huge world-wide brand. She is not only paving the way as a health warrior but she is an incredibly motivated business woman who has made her little blog into something quite literally amazing.

Her blog is one of my go to places when I have a question about something as she has done extensive research and impressive interviews with some of the leading wellness experts out there.

It's been inspiring to watch her little spot on the web turn into what it is today and I can't wait to see where she is going in the future. She has just landed a book publishing deal with a top publishing company, Hay House, and has her Lifestyle Transformation Guide, a guide for those seeking to live their best life now.

Jess is a game changer in the realm of health and wellness and someone to add to your bookmark. It is my own personal goal to meet her one day and share with her in person how much of a role model she has been for me on my own journey. So Jess, if you hear me, I'm putting it out to the Universe :)

Check out Jess on The Wellness Warrior.

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