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Today is a good good day! Not only is it my 33rd birthday (I don't believe in hiding my age but embracing the wisdom that comes with it!) but I also have Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between in the fun seat for a little Q & A. This wonderful human being is one soulful and inspiring individual who is paving the way for many bloggers and coaches alike.

She's been on the spiritual/self-awareness/soul-awakening journey since she was 10 years old! When I read that I thought to myself, 'that is pretty badass and just plain amazing.' I wish I'd leap in that early!

Her words are wise, she demeanor is kind, peaceful and glowing.

Without further ado...

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Okay, first things first, you radiate such an authentic happiness and joy, love and kindness. What motivates you to live your truth and shine so bright in the world?

Firstly, thank you so much! What a beautiful thing to say.

I’m a big fan of tuning in to the ‘inner whisper’ and living my life based on where my energy leads me. It’s about following the pull – ‘Yep, that feels good, keep going’ or ‘No, why dontcha pull back there, something about that isn’t feeling right.’

I’m motivated by the idea that if I can empower women to express themselves in a way that’s completely true to them and step into the life of their dreams, then we’re all better off. The world is a brighter, more joyful place when we’re living in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

This quote sums my stance up pretty perfectly: “Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive...then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

How did your journey into self-awareness begin? Was there one thing that happened that made you realize you needed to start turning inward or have you always lived from that place?

I first discovered the world of self-growth/ spirituality/ self-awareness around the age of 10 via my parents who were on a self-inquiry path of their own. It’s funny casting my eyes back there actually – I’m having a flashback of the first personal development conference I attended! I was 12 and remember being the youngest person there (by a long shot) but walking away with pages of goals and insights and this divine a sense of expansiveness. I felt ALIVE.

I’m a seeker – a total information sponge – so this world has interested me ever since, and through ups and downs and all-arounds, I’ve always returned home to positive thinking, spirit/ the Universe (whatever works for you) and truth.

Also: my mother is a counselor so deep, reflective chats have always been our ‘thing.’ There’s really no escaping it.

How long have you been a life + blog coach? What is your favorite thing about coaching? How has it inspired you to be a better person?

I stepped out of the corporate world – which was “home” for 10 years – a few days before Christmas 2012 and kicked off with my first coaching clients in January this year.

My favorite thing? The women I work with. Their energy, enthusiasm, aha! moments, excitement around transforming their lives. Bearing witness to the beauty they are adding, or working towards adding, to the world is an absolute privilege.

How has it inspired me? Starting your own business, any business, but I would say particularly one where you are working intimately with others in a coaching capacity WILL bring up your stuff. I’ve had fears reflected back at me through clients (amazing how synchronicities show up, eh?), future trippy thoughts and days where I’ve wondered if I can possibly send another email or if I might have finally hit my lifetime quota. All that is a compass, showing me where there’s an opportunity to grow. I’m constantly taking pause to review, reflect, scribble on the pages of my journal and work out how I can approach things differently next time (if need be). Every experience is a gift.

What are your non-negotiable when it comes to living a healthy, happy life?

Water, sleep, meditation, an abundance of nutrient-dense foods, plenty of affection, sunshine and moving my body in some way daily.

You mentioned in a recent blog post that September is all about creating an e-course. I’m very excited about that. Can you tell us a little more on what we can expect? You know what – after working pretty intensely (in and around a full coaching schedule) on an eBook that just doubled in size (!) I think September may end up being more about self-care. Ha! I don’t have any concrete dates around the release of the e-course as yet but I’m really excited to be pouring in everything I work with my blog coaching clients on – as well as some life coaching elements – to one beautiful place. Stay tuned.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s pretty different every day depending on whether it’s a coaching or a writing day for me, but generally it looks something like this…

5 – 5:15am: Wake up and set the intention for my day (I choose a word to guide me). Whatever pops into my head first is always what I need to embrace.

5:30/ 6am: An hour of exercise, followed by a green juice or smoothie (or both).

7/ 8am: Meditation time. If I don’t do one in the morning, I’ll ensure I make space for it that night.

THEN… work, which can involve anything from one on one coaching, to writing, to planning/ working on creative projects, answering interview q’s and emails, Skype calls and well, pretty much everything in between!

After spending quality time with my husband, we both head to bed by 9 – 9:30pm every night.

In your words, what is A Savoury Soul?

A Savoury Soul is my kinda human! Someone who has a deep awareness that their life is their own creation, that they have the POWER to choose, that every day is to be savoured, relished and celebrated. They’re compassionate, heart-led bundles of joy... the kind of people who light up lives and rooms wherever they go.

Rachel MacDonald is a Life and Blog Coach and creator of In Spaces Between. Problogger deemed her one of the "Top 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013" and through one-on-one coaching, online programs and upcoming speaking engagements, Rachel's mission is to move women into their magnificence by empowering them to dream bigger, slice through fears and limiting beliefs, connect back up to their true selves and own their greatness.

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