A Savoury Soul: McKel Hill // Nutrition Stripped

Today's Savoury Soul is McKel Hill, a Registered Dietitian and Health + Wellness coach who has a passion for green smoothies, wholesome nutritious food and is a self-proclaimed science nerd. When she's not concocting a culinary masterpiece in her kitchen she is practicing yoga, got  her nose in a book or exploring her hometown of Nashville.

McKel's recipes on her blog Nutrition Stripped will leave you literally drooling and pinning every one! Her photos are stunning and her beautiful spirit comes through  each and every one of her posts and recipes.

Without further ado....


Tell me all about your mission?

As a registered dietitian and health coach, my mission is to help everyone I can achieve their health and nutrition goals and ultimately led them to living a happier and healthier life. My passion for nutrition, wellness, and dietetics runs deep and I wish to share this passion and ignite change in those who are ready to take that step. The mission behind Nutrition Stripped is to educate and remind people that eating healthy, nourishing your body, all while being flexible isn’t something out of reach. Nutrition Stripped is your stripped-down guide to living an unprocessed lifestyle with no expiration date.

What sparked your interest in nutrition?

I first became extremely intrigued with nutrition on a purely performance level- with sports nutrition, fitness and athletics. After I became engaged and absorbed in the study of nutrition sciences and learning how fueling (or lack of proper fueling) your body can make or break how you perform physically, I began to also realize the impact mentally. (note I was never a collegiate athlete, simply recreational and weight lifting). I engrossed my studies into the psychological aspect of nutrition my sophomore year in college due to a phenomenal philosophy class and incorporated areas such as plant-based eating, mindful eating, and more. To this day I challenge myself, always question what the public is told (even as a nutrition professional), and come to my own conclusion using science, application, first hand experience, and practice as my backbone.

What do you find people are most confused about in regards to eating healthy?

There are so many confusing factors and media propaganda, diet and health “gurus” out there it’s confusing to anyone. It also doesn’t help facilitate appropriate changes when there are people who have studied a nutrition course and call themselves nutritionists. It’s frustrating as a nutrition profession but more importantly, potentially harmful to someone’s health if their not being mentored by an experienced professional who is also compassionate about helping their client achieve their goals.

If you could cook for anyone who would it be and what would you cook?

My family and friends, all at once -family style table! Simple as that. I love sharing my recipes and healthy food creations with the ones I love most. It’s a great connection we all can experience by cooking, enjoying, eating, and chatting about life over a great nourishing meal. It fulfilling knowing that my recipes and food are encouraging healthy habits and opening the minds and taste buds of people who may not gravitate towards healthy types of dishes.

What are your top 3 favorite recipes on your blog?

1) The Stripped Smoothie! It’s the signature green/fruit smoothie of Nutrition Stripped and I eat this every day or some variation of it- and have for many years now! Fantastic for digestion, quick nutrient absorption, and energy to sustain my busy mornings.

2) Kale Tabbouleh Salad- this is one of my favorite go-to’s and it keeps so well in the refrigerator for a really quick meal or side. Loaded with nutrients and my favorite king green, kale!

3 )Coconut Flour Crepe Cakes- these are so filling, high in protein, high in fiber, and lower in carbohydrates. These are my favorite because they’re so versatile as you can make them sweet or savory.

What are your top 3 favorite plant-based ingredients to use?

Nutritional yeast for an amazing cheesy flavor and full of B vitamins.

Nori sheets. I love making my own sushi, I have a great recipe for Veggie Sushi Rolls which are raw and vegan but can easily be made with proteins and other carbohydrates of your choice. Nori sheets offer great health benefits, mainly iodine.

Apple cider vinegar- I love using ACV (raw and unpasteurized is key!) on salad dressings to give it a little zing!

Lastly, I know you only asked for 3 but I have to add avocados on this list! Avocados are full of healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, and loads of fiber. This is an especially great source of calories for someone who is on a plant-based or vegan diet where those individuals need to be mindful of getting enough calories to thrive.

What does self-care/love mean to you?

Self-care and self-love are the foundation of being able to show love, receive love, be compassionate towards others, and it gives you the tool to reach your highest potential. If we don't take care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually; how are we intended to care, love, build healthy relationships, or facilitate change in others (coming from a coaching perspective)?

What is your favorite thing about yourself, personality and appearance?

I have great determination, independence, willpower, strength in knowing my true self, motivation, compassionate for the greater good. Appearance-wise, I like my smile :)

In your own words, what is a Savoury Soul?

A Savory Soul is someone who savors, enjoys, takes in every present moment and relishes their gift and talents to be shared with others.

McKell 2

I’m a self-proclaimed green smoothie connoisseur, foodie, nutrition science nerd, fitness fiend, who has an affinity for plants and avocados.

I’m passionate about nutrition, wellness, and of course, food! I believe in taking an individualistic approach to coaching: meaning all my recommendations are tailored specifically to each individual in an attempt to reach their optimum health and wellness- ultimately leading to a longer, healthier, and happier life!

Nutrition Stripped is a platform where I share all things nutrition and focuses on nutrition information/research integrated into simple and delicious recipes. Nutrition Stripped mission is to help you gain knowledge of healthy food choices, nutrition, and apply them to your daily life. It's your stripped-down guide to an unprocessed lifestyle with no expiration date.

You can find more of McKel on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.