A Savoury Soul -- Krista Martin // Make Your Mark

smile and heart It's Friday again! Whoop whoop! Today's juicy soul is Krista Martin from Make Your Mark.

Krista's mission is to work with entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that crave freedom and want to move through overwhelm and fear so they can make their unique mark on the world. Sounds a little like every new entrepreneur or solopreneur, , right?

Krista has such a bright and lovely disposition and a kind heart.

Without further ado....

Tell us a little more about what you do? What is your mission?

Amanda, thank you for this opportunity! I am so excited to be part of your interview series.

Ok, so what do I do? I am a business strategist and coach. I work with female entrepreneurs that feel overwhelmed, disorganized, and not sure where to start with their business. We get to partner together to uncover what is keeping them stuck and put together a strategic plan that gets them into action. Basically, we figure out what they want to achieve and put together a road map to get them there in less time so that they can spend their time on revenue generating activities, not all of the other stuff that makes you want to poke your eyeballs out.

We put together systems so that they don’t get lost in their daily list of “to do’s”. We craft a launch plan. An annual marketing calendar. We have lots of fun breaking big projects into bite sized pieces. You can probably tell, but planning and systems creation are my specialty. :)

What do you love most about helping others create the life and business they want?

I love helping people find more time in their day and more money in their bank account. It’s human nature to crave meaningful work. It’s not human nature to work 24 hours a day.

I get to help business owners create the business and life that they love - and find the time to spend with those that matter most to them. Sell what you know and outsource or delegate the rest! I cannot think of a better way to spend my days than doing that!

What is your number one secret to get past overwhelm in starting a business ( which is what most of us entrepreneurs face)?

Oh, I love this question! And this is one that I hear every single day when I’m working with my clients.

My first recommendation is to breathe. Go on a long walk, call a friend, or even lay on the floor and close your eyes. Step away from wherever you are and get out of your head. Think about who you are becoming and the person that you want to be today.

If I had to say one thing that I would recommend to anyone feeling overwhelmed, it would be to breathe. Nothing is as bad it seems.

Then, take a few minutes to write everything down. Put everything that’s in your head down on paper. Big things, small things, EVERYTHING. Choose three projects that will take you closer to your goals. Put the rest on hold.

Now make another list. Write down five things that you can do this week on those projects.

Now look at your schedule and plan time – uninterrupted time – to devote to the three projects you chose.

When someone feels overwhelmed, they aren’t living in the now. They are living in tomorrow, next week, and next year. So, the secret is to take a break from all of that nonsense and to re-join the NOW. Be realistic and put a plan together.

Breathe. Write it all down. Plan.

Also, on my website, www.kristamartin.com, you can download a free guide on “The 5 Secrets to Get Past Overwhelm + Get Into Action” if you are interested in learning more tips and techniques.

As someone who works with entrepreneurs, what are some common challenges that your clients come to you with?

This is another great question.

The people that I work with come to me with so many great ideas and big goals and amazing aspirations. That doesn’t sound like a “challenge” at first glance, but it is for them. They have so many great ideas that they don’t know where to start. Or which project to start.

The entrepreneurs that I work with need someone to help them lay out a plan and to teach them what they haven’t yet learned. They want someone to help them to achieve their goals in a meaningful way. They will figure out how to do whatever it is that they must do…they just need someone to help them put together the specific plan of how to get there.

They usually work too hard and for too little. I help them to raise their prices and find their dream clients. I help them to launch programs, put together systems to increase productivity, create a monthly marketing plan for the year, create new offerings and to build their list.

What are some of your personal goals for your own business?

Another great question, Amanda!

My personal goals revolve around supporting more mompreneurs than I have before. I see such a need for support in this subset of the entrepreneurs out there. These women have such amazing gifts AND they have an amazing home life. I want them to be able to share their gifts with the world in a way that truly fulfills them.

I will write a book.

I will grow my business to be large enough so that I am able to donate a ton of money to help homeless animals in shelters. (LOVE THIS ONE!)

I want to be a role model for my children showing them that you can love your work, make a great living, AND enjoy your family.

What do you do to stay healthy? Any routines or rituals?

To stay healthy, we purchased a Vitamix. So, we chop up a bunch of green things every morning and drink that on our way out the door.

ILOVE working out at CrossFit. Yes, I’m sore most of the time, but it’s a really great kind of “sore”.

Other than that, I don’t have any specific routines or rituals…with children I’ve let my 6 or 7 days a week at the gym diminish slightly but not too much. I just cannot get enough of those little ones!

What is a Savoury Soul to you?

When I think of a “savoury soul”, these words come to mind: -wholesome -fulfilled -happy -sunshine -a cozy blanket wrapped around my neck -a kiss on the cheek from a loved ones

Thank you again for this opportunity to be part of your community, Amanda! I appreciate everything that you do.

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Krista is CEO & Founder of Make Your Mark. As a business coach and strategist, she partners with entrepreneurs to build their service based businesses to serve more clients, make more money, and have more fun.

Krista has a MBA in marketing and is a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach). In addition to working in the marketing and sales arena for more than 12 years, she built and sold her first "side biz" and now loves that she has the opportunity to partner with female entrepreneurs that have so many great ideas but no clear plan of how to build their dream business. By putting together an action focused plan, she loves supporting clients to build a business that fits into their lifestyle instead of the other way around.

She and her husband have two perfect (ha!) kids, ages 4 and 2, and an equally as perfect dog. Originally a native of the Midwest, she is glad to call Atlanta her home as she has much better access to the beach and ocean from there.