Guest Post: Being You (and not just snippets of you) by Elizabeth McKenzie

Hey loves! How was your weekend? Mine was quite relaxing. We finished up the last few days of summer on Saturday with sunny blue skies and highs in the 80's and Sunday was cloudy, cooler and rainy. The perfect day to curl up with a good book, a cup of warm tea and get cozy for the day. It's also the start of football session which brings back so many memories from my youth. I personally have a hard time watching it but I love having it in the background as lose myself in the kitchen or a good book.

What do you love about the transition from summer to fall?

To continue this exciting month of amazing women and giveaways, today I have a lady who embodies authenticity and strength. She is, in my humble opinion, a queen of magnificence, a firer starter and a champion for helping women find their voice. She's a gem.

Elizabeth from Your Higher Self is here today to talk about a subject that I think is SO important; Being YOU and to offer one of you a special little treat. Read on to see what it is.

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How hard is it to be you these days? You let one little fuck out and you become the girl who swears. You wear kicks instead of high heels and you’re not a lady and then you write something profound and deep and you’re the spiritual hippy. Someone sees you got a few tattoos and now you’re the badass.

Okay so my little rant was probably more related to me then to you because I’ve felt it lately. Ya know, the labels, the fitting people into neat categories, the teeny snippets of me. And it’s not just other people doing it. I do it too. To myself.  When I started my blog in 2012 I labelled myself a spiritual seeker. Period. That was it. For ages I thought that since that was the person I put out there, that was the only way I was allowed to be. I wasn’t allowed to swear or talk about rad shoes ever. And heaven forbid I told anyone I was obsessed with tracking down boyfriend jeans.

I had reduced my whole entire self to just one teeny aspect – being the spiritual seeker. Which wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the entire truth either. And after months living only a snippet of me, I got tired. It was boring, restrictive and not fun because it wasn’t me. And so there came a point where I couldn’t contain my true self any more. It was a gradual shift, in hope that people wouldn’t notice. But people noticed, and started complimenting me on doing my thing. On being real. Whole. My true self.

In the spirit of this post and being 100% me, here’s some things about me that just don’t make sense:

I love Nike shoes and hi tops/ I also love to dress up and wear dresses and heels/ I listen to heavy metal (one of my favorite bands is in flames)/ I also listen to Britney Spears and hip hop/ I’m studying speech pathology/ I’m going to study kinesiology/ I love greasy pizza and ice cream/ I love green smoothies/ I talk to my angels/ I love evidence based practice in proving therapy works in speech pathology/ I swear / I have an awesome sweet voice that makes kids love me/ I love tattoos/ I use crystals/ I yell and scream at the footy and guess what? I’m so totally happy sharing all those aspects that make me whole.

Your turn:

How to be 100% you.

+ It’ll take time

Mostly because as you start to be more open to being you, you start discovering what you like and what you don’t and what you’re willing to do and what you’re not. Essentially the more you start being you, the more you’ll understand who you are. And this will change over time.

+ It’ll scare the shit out of you

The first time you share something you’ve never shared before will scare you. Don’t let that stop you. Even if you only share the teeniest bit of information, stand your ground. You’ll feel amazing once you do and guess what? 99.99% of people are pretty awesome and open to knowing the real you!

+ You’ll try to sabotage yourself to protect yourself

You’ll try and stop yourself from being completely whole by trying to convince yourself that this isn’t actually you. Try to zoom out the focus and look at yourself as a whole. Like me, you’re probably a whole bunch of contradictions and that’s okay.

+ You’ll feel free and light and uplifted and inspired by YOURSELF

When you’re brave enough to share the real you, you’ll feel energised. You’ll smile uncontrollably, you’ll feel love, you’ll feel light and supported. Your life will change, and you’ll question why you were terrified to begin with.

+ People will notice and be cool with all of you

That’s right. Even if you don’t directly share information, by just being you people’ll start to notice and they’ll ask if you got a new haircut or new moisturizer because you look amazing and it’s true - you do, because you’re 100% you.

+ You’ll gain confidence

The more you practice being you, the better you get. The better you get the more confident you are.  It’s that whole practice makes perfect thang.

+ You’ll discover what you want to do in life

The best thing about being 100% you, besides feeling incredibly happy is that you’ll be able to actually live the life you’re meant to be living this lifetime. By being 100% who you are, you’ll discover what you’re ultimate dreams are, and with that confidence you’ll be able to go out and actually achieve them.

And if you’re still not convinced here’s your permission slip:  You are allowed to be all of you, not just snippets of you.

Elizabeth McKenzie

Hey yo! I’m Elizabeth, I’m a speech pathologist, kinesiologist and life coach in training and the creator of Bringing Sexy Back Bootcamp. I help women rock their life with confidence, passion and purpose. I show them how to make that seemingly impossible life possible.

Women come to me because they feel stuck, insecure and afraid of their future. I give them a mojo injection, a permission slip to speak their truth and the skills and habits to create and maintain a life they’ve chosen for themselves. As a result, my clients own their destiny, and their sexy selves.

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