Reflections of My Sugar Habits + Savoury Kale and Onion Waffles

I am on day three of no sugar and so far, things are going great! I think a big part of this has to do with the fact that I don't eat a ton of sugar as it is, but I definitely sneak in more then I am aware of. Last night after a taco salad dinner I was craving something sweet pretty fiercely but I drank some lemon water and it subsided pretty quickly. Yay!I also gently reminded myself why I was doing this. It's not about deprivation or losing weight, it's about doing something kind for myself and my body. It's about feeling healthy and free of any addictive feelings associated with the sweet stuff. It's about better sleep and observing my body and what it needs from me. 

I've always been drawn to sweet over savory and it may have to do with the amount of sugary foods we ate as children. This is not me placing any blame whats so ever towards my parents. I know they did the best they could with the knowledge they had at the time. And hey, it was the 80's, the era of quick, fast, convent and everything from a box. Can you say hello Hamburger Helper!

I remember fondly going to this adorable little candy store, Sweet Additions, with my mom and brothers and picking out all my favorite treats. It's a memory I hold dear to me however, I think the amount of sugar I ate as a kid is unbelievable now and was probably what left me with my sweet addiction today. However, the memories I will forever hold dear because it was something special that we did with my mom. It was "our" place and I love her for creating something like that for us. 

Today those kinds of sweets just aren't part of my diet. What is however, as I mentioned in this post, are the natural, whole foods variations. Since I am sugar-free for a month I am trying to come up with some creative breakfast, lunch and dinner idea. Most of my breakfasts can be on the sweet side so I'm using Pinterest anything else to gain some inspiration.

I came up with this variation of waffle because it totally satisfies what I'm craving. I think you could eat this one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Please meet my Savoury Kale and Onion Waffles. They are dreamy...

Savory Waffles 2
Savory Waffles 2

Savoury Kale and Onion WafflesMakes 2 waffles

What you'll need // Waffle Maker * 4 eggs * 2 tbsp coconut flour * 4 tbsp full-fat coconut milk * 1 tbsp coconut oil (for waffle maker) * 2 cups kale (chopped into small bits) * 1 small white or sweet onion * Micro greens for topping * Red Pepper Cashew Cream (recipe below)

How to make // 1. Begin by whisking the eggs in a medium bowl. Add in the coconut flour and full-fat coconut milk and combine thoroughly. 2. In a pan, saute onions until translucent and add kale. Sauté for about 5 minutes. Set aside to cool. You don't want to add the hot mixture to the egg mixture as it may begin to cook the eggs. At this time, turn on your waffle maker and allow for it to heat up. 3. Once kale and onion mixture has cooled, add to egg mixture and combine. Use about 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil on the waffle maker and using a 1/2 cup measuring cup, scoop out some of the mixture and place in the center of the waffle maker, close lid and allow to cook. (make sure you know how to use your waffle maker :) ) 4. When waffle is ready, place on plate and top with micro greens and red pepper cashew cream (recipe below)5. Enjoy!

Red Pepper Cashew Cream

What you'll need //* 1 cup cashews, soaked for 1 hour up to overnight* 1 tsp rice vinegar* 3/4-1 cup water* 1 small lemon* Pinch of sea salt* Jar of roasted red pepper or I used a jar of roasted red peppers, eggplant and garlic tapenade mixture I found at Trader Joe's. 

How to make // (make this ahead of time)1. Place soaked cashews in blender and begin by adding 1/2 cup water, adding more as necessary. You don't want to add too much because it become too liquified and not creamy. Blend until smooth. 2. Add the rice vinegar, sea salt, and lemon juice and continue to blend for a few seconds. Last, add in the roasted red peppers or the tapenade and combine for about 45 more seconds or until well combined, smooth and creamy. 3. Place in some kind of storage container and store in fridge for up to a 5 days. I always have some kind of cashew cream made and ready in the fridge. 

Savory Waffles
Savory Waffles
Savoury Waffle 3