Navigating Difficult Decisions Video 3 // Claire Baker from This is Lifeblood


Hello my friends! Today is the last video in this series, Navigating Difficult Decisions. If you haven't watched the other two with Natalia Chouklina from Achieve the Impossible and Juliet Turalski from Jules Inspired then you can do so here and here.I'm very excited about my guest, Claire Baker from This is Lifeblood. Claire is a wonderful coach and mentor based out of sunny Perth, Australia. She a a writer and creative and the author of two wonderful eBooks, Get Unstuck: A Workbook to Create Clarity, Ignite Your Spark & Keep You Moving Forward as well as her latest, She is Radiant - Your 6 Week Wellness Adventure to Get Glowy and Feel Rad


In this awesome video you will learn:

// 1:54 Claire talks about the two huge decisions she decided to make that changed the course of her life. // 3:27 Claire points out the one area in her body that really feels the call to make all the decisions she's made thus far in her life. (Hint: It one area I really recommend every tap into on a much deeper level and begin trusting)// 6:08 Ah, the good old money fear comes up. Do you have a similar story surrounding money that prevents you from making that one big decision you know you really want to make in your life?// 7:40 We talk about how it's actually okay if you fail. (how does that feel in your body when I say that?)// 8:08 Claire talks about all the amazing things that have come into her life because she made the choice to follow her gut. // 11:49 Claire gives you a powerful tool to use moving forward. It sounds so simple but it truly does work. 

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On the brink of something new? Gain courage and find inspiration to take the leap of faith from this interview between Amanda from Savoury Soul Wellness and Claire from This is Lifeblood.

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