Navigating Difficult Decisions Part 1 // Interview with Natalia from Achieve the Impossible

Hello hello beautiful!I'm beyond stoked for today because it's the beginning of a new video interview series I've created to help you navigate difficult decisions with stories from some pros. 

I've asked some of my fav fellow coaches to chat with me about a topic that is pretty fresh in my life and I bet it's fresh in some of yours as well. We are going to spend some time talking about how to navagate through difficult decisions and why it's important to do so. 

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Today's interview is with the ever lovely Natalia Chouklina from Achieve the Impossible. Natalia is a soulful Life Clarity Coach who beams (I love that word!) beauty and light and has such a contagious glow to her. We giggled our way through this interview and it seriously made the whole process (and my day) that much more fun. 

This one's unedited because there was just such a great vibe going on that I couldn't cut any of it. It's a bit on the longer side but totally worth every minute because Natalia discusses SO many juicy and wonderful things!

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If you want to jump ahead to some of the juicy parts here is a little recap: 5:00 - We get into vulnerability and the "what if it doesn't work" mentality 7:14 - Natalia touches on the concept of body wisdom 8:00 - In walks resistance - we all know her! 9:37 - Natalia asks an incredibly powerful questions 10:47 - "Resist the resistance" 11:45 - We dive into the idea of beginner's mind (oh it's gettin' good!) 18:11 - We talk about the two-pronged perspective 21:40 - Natalia give THREE awesome tools you can apply to your life today to help get clear and help you make those big decisions! 27:00 - My new favorite saying "little pockets of peace" is mentioned

So what did you think? What came up when you watched this video? How can you find little "pockets of peace" in the chaos that is life?  Leave a comment and tell Natalia and I your thoughts, feelings or whatever else comes up!

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