Guest Post: Radiate your passion – it’s good for you, and everyone else by Natalia Chouklina

Birthday month is coming closer to an end and there is only one more Monday guest post after this. I truly hope you have enjoyed reading the inspiring, honest and brilliant words of the women who have shared already. Today's post is from a sweet and dear lovely, Natalia. I met Natalia back over the summer and we've been budding a little friendship through email back and forth. She is truly an inspiring individual on so many levels but specifically because she really walks the walk.

Her post today is all about radiating your passion and embracing and shining your enthusiasm for the world to absorb, something that we both feel deeply about.

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Guest Post by Natalia from Achieve the Impossible

A while back I found myself sharing a glass of vino with a group of amazing women and chatting about everything under the sun. Introductions out of the way, one of the ladies asked me:

'‘What kind of a life coach are you?’

I LOVE answering this question and could talk about life coaching for hours with anyone who’d listen.

‘I’m in business of helping people make their dreams come true!’ – I responded enthusiastically. (Getting goose bumps and teary eyed as I type this!)

I glanced around the table with a happy grin on my face and noticed a couple women sporting a look I knew all too well.

It was a look of a person who’s been hardened by time, disappointments and setbacks. It was a look of person whose passionate enthusiasm had been replaced with hard-wired pragmatism, and it said:

‘You are so young and full of dreams; give it a few years and it will change.”

The conversation died shortly after I shared my age and my excitement was chalked up to a young-and-hopeful syndrome.

I was sad. Not because nobody shared my enthusiasm, but I was reminded what it was like to live a life sans excitement and uncontained dreaming.

It’s no fun at all.

Not so long ago I was the one looking exactly same way at the eager sales executives, and I smirking at their ambitions of changing the world one sale at a time.

Enthusiasm irritated me and brought on a wave of sarcastic comments. I felt tired and resentful most days. This persistent lack of enthusiasm for life and my job eventually led me to exit the industry altogether to search for something different.

“If it doesn’t light you up, you are the wrong person for a job.” – Danielle LaPorte

There was nothing wrong with the job – it simply wasn’t for me. Despite my sarcasm, I saw that enthusiastic people looked alive and attractive. I wanted me some of that!

Here’s what I’ve learned about enthusiastic people:

1. They are magnetic. Enthusiastic people radiate light from inside out, and this in itself is enrolling, compelling and moving!

2. When you discover what lights you up, someone’s display of enthusiasm no longer annoys you – you ride the wave together! You seek out different ways to combine your ideas and energy instead of hating and judging.

Brene Brown says that ‘vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation’. I would like to add enthusiasm to this mix. Being authentically enthusiastic about anything calls on you to show up and to practice courage like you wouldn’t believe!

It’s a lot easier to stick with the crowd and blend in especially when your ideas are unique and untested!

When writing my website copy the first time around, I decided to stick with the tried-and-true coaching lingo instead of writing about what made me go ga-ga with excitement, a message centered on listening and trusting our inner wisdom.

I researched other successful coaches, borrowed an idea here, a structure there, massaged it, changed a few words and posted that.

Now I had a professional looking website with a very proper message. Except that it felt meh. It was another boring website with no personality, like the world needs any more of those.

A re-do was in order and this time I told myself that I will not a post anything unless I absolutely loved it. It mattered not if it wasn’t professional, eloquent or didn’t meet the industry standard. The words had to make my heart burn with excitement when I read them, otherwise – bye-bye!

Enthusiasm is indispensable in the creation process. It’s what makes your uniquity rise to the surface! It’s a key ingredient in invigorating others and enrolling them into your possibility!

‘Most amazing people are a tad obsessive and eccentric. Driven. Devoted.’ – Danielle Laporte

This brings me to my main point – the world needs your enthusiasm, your passion and your excitement. Witnessing enthusiastic people in action reminded what I was missing out on, and inspired me to search for what made my heart shine and eyes sparkle!

Allow yourself to get giddy with excitement, dream big, show your enthusiasm and share your awesome ideas with the whole wide world!

Your dreams are not for everyone; however, eventually you will meet people who will eagerly share the road with you. The road that fills your heart with love, your soul with passion and your body with life force and will inspire others to do the same.

Isn’t this the most awesome way to heal the world, don’t you think?



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