Finding Adventure in the Everyday

adventure When you read this post I'll probably be flying somewhere over the Pacific ocean on my way to Hong Kong, India, Cambodia and Thailand. I love and live for adventure. It brings me great joy to pack a bag and just go, however, I've come to realize in the last few years that being adventurous doesn't necessarily mean you have to get on a plane and go somewhere.

You can find adventure in everything and everywhere

The last two months I've been struggling with what I so easily call 'the seasonal funk.' I've been really trying to dive in to what it is I'm actually feeling and  I've come to realize that I'm not really sad or feeling depressed so to speak, but rather I'm not truly living how I want to be living.

I'm lacking regular adventure.  

In the past I have placed so much emphasis on adventure being this big, hugely wild experience (kind of like traveling all over the world) and but I can also get that sense of adventure in my own back yard. My soul craves regular adventure and trying new things but obviously I can't jump on a plane and cruse all over the world all the time (not yet anyway) so I really need to find ways to experience that adventurous feeling here, in Oregon as well. 

Even though we are heading off to an epic adventure,  I still need to find adventure in the everyday to truly be happy and feel like myself. 

So how can I/we do this?  It's actually quite easy. 

comfort zone

I'm going to start living outside of my comfort zone where the real magic happens and I'm inviting YOU to join me!

I've lived in Oregon for almost three years and I still feel like a stranger in my own city. There are small towns and bigger cities to be explored as well as mountains to hike and ocean towns to be perused. I'm going to make it an adventure to go out and explore this beautiful place where I get to call home. 

I'm also going to do the following: 

- I'm going to put myself out there more. I mean, like hosting workshops and lectures and networking events where I have to talk in front of large amounts of people.(My secret dream but one of my biggest fears!)

- I'm going to experiment more in the kitchen and try to create more new recipes on my own instead of fearing I'll mess up

- I'm going to walk around the house in short shorts more often and feel confident and sexy in the body I have. 

- I'm going to do more of what I really want to do instead of what I think I have to or should do. 

What can YOU do to add more adventure into your life? It doesn't have to be a big, huge thing. It can be as simple as taking  a different route, one that you've never taken before. 

While I'm away I am having some of my friends sharing posts with you with the theme of adventure and to show you other's experiences with finding adventure in almost anything you do. 

I'm sure I will pop in to say hi while I'm away but part of this adventure is being very present in the moment and this trip with my husband.  I'm excited for this adventure. 

But tell me in the comments what is one thing you are going to do to embrace a sense of adventure in your everyday life?