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Hey Kids! So, I'm not exactly bringing the A Savoury Soul interview series back quite yet but this one is super special so I had to share with you ASAP. Have you heard of the lovely Tara Bliss from Such Different Skies? If not then you will thank me later. I started following Tara's blog about a year ago when I stumbled upon it, I think from Jess Ainscough's blog, The Wellness Warrior and I was hooked right away.

Tara has a raw authenticity about her that makes you feel like you are sitting right next to her. Through her writing and vlogs you are pulled into her spirited world and find yourself going back for more regularly.

I'm excited to share this interview with you because she is such a huge source of inspiration for me and I think she will be for you as well. Make sure you read the whole interview because Tara and her sweetie, Glen have just released their new eCookbook, Such Different Eats and she offers you all one of their amazing recipes below. You will also find a direct link to purchase the book below and believe me, it is SO worth the $19. It is full of delectable whole, plant-based recipes that will leave your mouth watering and your body longing for more!

living-in-the-moment Tell me all about your mission?

To start with, thank you for asking! It’s a BIG question, and one I find myself contemplating almost daily.

If I can break it down in the most digestible of ways, I’d say this: My mission is to radiate a message that moves people to their core; that shakes them about; rocks them; and inspires them into action. I am incredibly passionate about illuminating hope in the hearts of those that enter my life.

That can unfold in any number of ways. Whether someone has been through my program (the Party Girls Guide to Peace), or they’ve read one of my books, watched one of my videos, coached with me or heard me speak at an event, in every one of these transactions of time and energy, my mission is to open up a new way of thinking.

I like to say that my original medicine is: fierce and curious vulnerability, as well as purposeful rebellion. I want to stretch people.

The name Such Different Skies is about just that. We’re all seeing the same sky. But, at the same time, we’re actually really not. Perception is like poetry to me: mysterious, and worth opening a discussion about.

What sparked your interest in coaching/mentoring?

It chose me to be honest!

I’ve always wanted to be useful to people, and after self-diagnosing myself with Scatterbrain Syndrome, became really quite frustrated with my inability to stick to a certain endeavour or career path. I’ve hairdressed, gone to uni, became a qualified personal trainer. I waitressed and bar tended for years. None of it stuck. It all kinda bored me.

Coaching fell in my lap after I continued to share my stories and insights on my blog. People were knocking on my inbox’s door, asking ever so politely for guidance and assistance on their path. Before I knew it, a business was born.

From there, I’ve not looked back. I’m still forever trying new things and course directing, but these days, it’s all aligned. It’s all pointing in the same direction. Where? Wouldn’t have a bloody clue - but it feels good. I feel useful, and fulfilled, and incredibly grateful.

What is your favorite thing about coaching?

Hands down: being stunned to the point of jaw dropping awe each time I hear one of my girls has quit her job / written her book / gotten the promotion / found the love of her life / launched her blog / sobered up / cultivated true peace in her normally chaotic life.

To think that I may play a role in facilitating the bravery that these women muster is beyond an honour. They inspire the pants off me.

Tell us a little bit more about your program, Party Girls Guide to Peace? Sounds amazing and I know it has helped so many!

It really is amazing. I’m so proud of the work that it’s done in the world. It’s a labour of love of mine – so much so that I’ve taken it off the shelves so I can create something that will help more women than ever before.

Basically my mission statement with the Party Girls Guide to Peace has been and will continue to be this: You are NOT your Party Girl identity. You are bigger, better, more beautiful, more radiant, more incredible, when you are just the way you are. Watch this space.

Finish these sentences:

I am happiest when…

I straighten my legs out into savasana.

That moment when my man smiles at me when I collect him from the airport every month.

I gift myself the mornings (a new habit of mine which is paying off big time). I’m laughing with my girls.

I come up for that big burst of fresh air after diving under my first wave of the day. I hang up from a call with my client, knowing she’s inspired and raring to go. Glen and I connect over one of his beautiful meals.

I am currently listening to…

A hell of a lot of Lorde. Her lyrics transcend what should be humanly possibly for any 16 year old to write.

And MJ. Pah-lenty of MJ.

My favorite place is…

Tara Burleigh If I’m not on some epic, life changing adventure, then I want to be here. At home. Burleigh Heads. I don’t know what it is about this place but it has certainly picked me to pieces and plugged me into the shoreline. I can actually feel my stomach cramp up when I drive away from the beach and towards the highway!

I feel more natural, more beautiful, more joyful, when I am here.

It makes my blood boil when…

People plagiarize the work of my friends.

I am most grateful… To be here. To get another crack at life each morning, and everything that comes with it: the man, the kindred spirits, the work, the adventure, the contemplations, the stillness. I am just so, so incredibly grateful to be alive.

Actually, last night, when I stepped out of the shower and reached for my towel, I said out loud : F*ck I love my life. That type of thing happens regularly.

I just want to add here how grateful I am for my man, Glen. He is my warmth.

What does self-care/love mean to you?

I truly believe that if we’re to adopt a self-care practice, then we must cultivate a foundation of self love first. Otherwise, we’re just wearing another pretend-mask. The ‘yogi.’ The ‘vegan.’ The ‘green juicer.’

When we radiate love for ourselves, we’ll naturally feel compelled to express that love in a physical way, and that’ll take a different shape for everyone. Meditation, gentleness, whole foods, exercise. There is no blueprint.

For me, it means gifting myself the mornings, and this means the absolute world to me. It has changed the way I approach my day, do business, and create. Both self love and self care are vital elements of my life, both of which are integrated into me and occur quite naturally.

I’m all about embracing who we are right now. What is your favorite thing about yourself, personality and appearance?

What a rad question!

Personality: I’m enthusiastic, unapologetically curious and silly.

Appearance: I like my shoulders and my upper back :)

In your own words, what is a Savoury Soul?

Hhhm. Savoury Soul sounds quite Earthy too me. Grounded. And when I think of ‘savoury’ and ‘earthy’ I think of my man’s Sweet Potato Gnocchi!

gnocchi 2 RECIPE


Sweet Potato - 1kg, whole

Whole Spelt Flour - 350 gm

Sage - ¼ cup, finely chopped

Rosemary - ¼ cup,finely chopped

Salt & Pepper

Peas - ½ cup, fresh if possible

Asparagus - 24 spears, cut on an angle

Broccolini - 20, florets trimmed off, stalks cut on an angle

Spring Onion - 8, cut on an angle

Brown Onion - 1, finely sliced

Confit Garlic - 12 cloves, chopped {Recipe is in upcoming eBook}

Sage - ¾ cup, whole leaves

Salt & Pepper

Coconut Oil


Preheat your oven to 180c. Cut sweet potato in half lengthways and put it onto a baking tray cut side down. Cook this in the oven until a knife can easily be inserted right to the middle.

Remove the flesh from the skin. Puree the flesh in a food processor or using a fork.

Remove flesh to a bowl and add sage, rosemary and a generous amount of salt and pepper.

Add flour and mix by hand until well incorporated. (You may need gloves. The potato will be hot!)

To shape the gnocchi, you can either roll the dough with your hands on a floured bench then cut to desired length with a knife, OR put the gnocchi dough into a piping bag and squeeze it out through the largest nozzle you have, cutting them off at about 1.5cms length.

In a large pot of simmering salted water, cook gnocchi in small batches until they float. Once they are floating, spoon them into iced water to cool.

Once cooled, remove from the iced water and lay out on a tea towel. Allow to dry.

Once dry, lightly coat with olive oil.

{At this stage, you can either go ahead and cook the gnocchi, or store for a few days in the fridge} Preheat your oven to 180c.

Spread gnocchi evenly onto a baking tray and put them in the oven for 15 minutes, giving the tray a little shake 3-4 times.

After gnocchi has been in the oven for 5 minutes, in a large frypan over medium to high heat, cook onion and garlic in a little coconut oil until they start to brown.

Add sage leaves, asparagus and broccolini stems and continue to cook for 3 minutes, tossing occasionally.

Add peas, spring onion, broccolini florets and 2 tablespoons of confit garlic oil and cook for a further 1 minute.

Remove gnocchi from the oven and put into a large bowl with the ingredients from the frying pan.

Toss thoroughly, season and divide evenly among plates.

If you're mouth is watering and there is possibly drool dripping from the corners (not saying that's what happened to me or anything) and you want to experience all the other A-MAZ-ZING 35 recipes you can purchase your copy of Such Different Eats by clicking on the buy now! 

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DON'T FORGET to check out Tara and Rachel's co-written book, Spirited and it's Companion found here!

Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick Tara Bliss is a spirit-fuelled mentor, yogi, writer and inspirational speaker. She’s also the creator of The Party Girls Guide to Peace and co-wrote Spirited: Soulful Lessons on Clarity, Connection & Coming Home (to You) and the Spirited 2014 Companion: Solutions to What’s Not Working.

Her mission? To kick-start an avalanche of gutsy, fear-busting confidence and love (all with a side serve of swagger)! Think of her as your crystal-toting, skateboard-riding, raw-dessert-loving lumière, unveiling the path to peace and freedom. Her original medicine? Fierce and curious vulnerability.

It’s time to embrace self-love. Seize adventure. Revel in unconventionality.

Connect with Tara at Such Different Skies, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @tara_bliss.