A Savoury Soul: Tara Bliss // Such Different Skies

Every blog that I follow religiously is because there is a part of the writer, their words, their soul, their overall being, that resonates within myself. From the moment I stumble upon their little space within the www, something grabs a hold of my heart-strings and doesn't let go. That is, I believe, what makes an excellent writer, an inspiring mentor, and an interesting human being. I think for us, as soulful beings, in order for us to really connect with someone we need to see a part of ourselves within them. This is what attracted me to Tara Bliss's blog, Such Different Skies. partygirlsheader

I think I fell into the lap of Such Different Skies because I needed to read the words that Tara so truthfully writes, which happen to focus on fear and learning to bust through it.

I've been reflecting, sitting with and question the very essence of what scares the s%*t out of me when I  stumbles across this post, What Are You Afraid Of? Tara, so authentically and with such vulnerability, shares with her readers her biggest fears, in her oh so humbling way, a way that makes me feel safe to share mine. Makes me feel like it's actually okay to have fears, it's normal. It's what we do with them that is important.

Tara is a coach, a life altering, fear-busting, crystal and mystic loving transformer. She is a soul that coaches other souls to figure out what their fears are and guides them to bust through with a fiery passion.

Reading her blog is almost like reading her personal diary and I think, in some ways, that is what good blogging is about. Sometimes you read a post and every once in a while, you find yourself glancing over your shoulder to make sure the writer, the one baring their soul, isn't coming around the corner to bust you mid-sentence.

I like that.

I respect that quality in a writer immensely. Her writing leaves me questioning myself, my own business, my own authenticity every time. Tara's writing inspires a more vulnerable side of me. Leaves me wanting to share a deeper, more authentically true side with all of you.

I know as a coach myself, I often feel like I have to be perfect, those that so graciously trust me enough to pay me to help walk through the beginning stages of a new journey probably don't want to hear about my fears, my struggles, instead wanting, needing to see that I have got it all figured out. But the truth is, I don't and I'm not sure that is what they really need nor want anyway.

That is to me, what makes a good coach. One that is going through their own journey too.

That is why Tara's voice resonates within me. Her ability to impose such deep and raw vulnerability onto the pages of her blog and have such an incredible, respected following, makes me feel safe to do so too.

If you feel compelled, take virtual walk through Such Different Skies. Allow yourself the time to browse, like I did, and I see what resonates within you.

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