A Savoury Soul: Sarah Nicholls // Nutritional Bliss

Sarah"This is not nutrition as you know it. This is about intuitive eating, listening to your body’s messages and learning to act in alignment with its highest needs. Think nourishment on all levels - body, mind and soul."

A Wellness lover at heart, Sarah Nicholls, from Nutritional Bliss has a mission and it is pretty simple. She believes wholeheartedly that we have to nourish our whole selves - body, mind and soul through good food, mindfulness, movement and kindness towards ourselves.

A registered nurse and holistic nutritionist, Sarah believes that everyone has a unique makeup and no two people are the same and should be approached with that attitude.

Without further ado....please meet Sarah!

Tell me about your mission?

I am a woman on a mission of health and wellness. I have felt what it is like to be bed ridden and sick, and what it is like to glow with health. And glowing with health feels a hell of a lot better!!!!

I want to be able to inspire other souls to shine with wellness and grow to truly love and understand real foods.

What sparked your interest in healthy living?

For me this started when I was young, I always wanted to be a nurse and help people in need. When I was 18 I enrolled into a bachelor of nursing, to follow this dream. While studying nursing I was more interested in my social life than I was in the human body but I stuck out the degree and became a nurse at the ripe age of 22. At the same time of starting my new career, I became unwell and then was diagnosed with celiac disease. This was the turning point in my journey, which leads me to love natural health and enroll into my degree of nutritional medicine, and I have not looked back once.

What do you find people struggle most in regards to their healthy eating?

I find that the most common problems my clients have in regards to their healthy eating is organization and preparation. I believe no one wants to be unhealthy, people just sometimes become so overwhelmed in their busy lives and schedules, that they forget to take that our for themselves and their health.

If you could cook for anyone who would it be?

Hehe, I’d cook for my biggest celebrity crush…Phil Jamieson, the lead singer of Grinspoon. I’ve had a star crush on him for about 10 years; there is something about the bad boy rock star that I find hot! I’d cook for him, and then pick his brain about the life of a rock star…I have no musical talent whatsoever but I have always fantasized about being a rock star in another life.

Top 3 plant based ingredients:

- Coconuts - Mangoes - Spinach

Finish these sentences:

I’m happiest when... I am at the beach, bare foot, sand on my feet, sun shining, waves crashing….my bliss!

I’m currently listening to... Old school Interpol, antics.

My favorite place is...The airport, bags packed on my way to the next adventure, I seriously don’t care where it is, but that excitement of getting on a plane in a new city, knowing new adventures are awaiting...ahhh it gets me every time, the best feeling ever!

It makes my blood boil when... People smoke on top of me!

I am most grateful for... Health and love in my life

What does self-care/love mean for you?

I believe we must love ourselves in order to be able to give the best to others. Self-love is very important to me, after being a nurse and running around on no sleep, coffee and sugar dependent for energy, I have learnt now that we need to take time out for ourselves. This is my priority now so that I can be the best version of myself.

What is your favorite thing about yourself, personality and your appearance?

Hmmm I think I'm pretty funny haha! I crack myself up all the time! My appearance, well I am blessed to have my mothers Exotic Island colored skin, no spray tans for me…that’s always been a bonus!!

In your own words, what is a savory soul?

A savory soul is my kind of girl. A fresh and inspired soul, willing to grow and learn, and always on a journey of health and self-discovery.

sarah2Sarah Nicholls is a holistic nutritionist, registered nurse and wellness expert. Through enhanced nutrition, mindset makeovers and personalized lifestyle programs, she empowers her clients to create glowing, vibrant health. Her natural approach to wellness has helped women across the globe to lose weight, get more energy and achieve their health goals. You can connect with Sarah at her website, Nutritional Bliss or on Facebook.