A Savoury Soul -- Morgan Day Cecil // Romance + Adventure

Morgan Day Cecil

If you believe that life would be more fulfilling with a little more romance and adventure then you should definitely get to know Morgan Day Cecil from Romance & Adventure better. I first met Morgan back in August when she found me from a comment I had written on someone else's website. She left a comment on one of my post and told me she was in the Portland area as well and we immediately became friends.

She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and her mission is simple yet profound. She is in the pursuit of wholeness, freedom, and living life to the fullest in mind, body, spirit and in her marriage.

I'm in awe with how much Morgan cherished and adores her family. It's palpable and she sets an incredible example of defining your own rules for happiness in life.

Read on to find out more about this incredible women and my friend... I’m on the pursuit of wholeness, freedom, and life to the full, in mind, body, and spirit, and in my marriage.

Tell me more about Romance + Adventure. What is your mission?

I used to think romance and adventure were about marrying an Italian and living on a vineyard in Italy. But shifting my perspective and becoming interested in the beauty of life no matter what my circumstances has taught me that romance is anything I do in the name of love, and adventure is anything that requires me to be brave for the sake of love.

My mission is simply to help women live in the freedom to be who they are and become who they are created to become. I show women that right from where they are at they can begin to live an exciting, meaningful, and grace-filled life. What I do helps women connect to their heart and own their desires shame-free so they can respond to the call to do something awesome with their life, talents, gifts, and dreams.

The Romance + Adventure Guide, I love it. Tell us more about what inspired you to create it and how you hope it will change the way people think about their life and priorities.

I couldn’t not create it even though looking back on that season (my daughter had just turned 1) I’m still kind of in shock I pulled it off. (All credit for time-management goes to God).

Honesty, the material mattered so much to me that I couldn’t let the excuse that I didn’t have time to create the guide stop me anymore. Yes, there is so much grace in motherhood and no mom should feel pressure to do more than what they are already doing to love on and care for their family. But I didn’t feel pressure to get it out; when I got clear that yes this was something that my heart really wanted to do, I felt joy that I was finally giving words to the ideas inside my head.

For a couple of years I had been thinking about material for the book. I really wanted to create a program that shared the lessons I’ve learned that helped me go from single mom struggling with depression and anxiety to incredibly grateful, married mom excited to say yes to each day. I created this guide to help the lost and bitter girl I was find life, and joy, and hope again in her future.

I really believe we are each meant for a unique romance and adventure and the biggest obstacle keeping us from living it is ourself. The format of the Guide is to help people get out of their own way so they can start living the life they are created to live.

So, to you, what IS Romance + Adventure in your life?

Romance and adventure right now for me is about learning how to let go of insecurities (which have kept my life safe and small) so that I can open up, embrace, and step into all that God has for me and my family.

It’s also about getting motorcycles and soon going on date-night rides with my husband. (We just go our licenses!)

And it's about learning how to be fully present with my kids and invite them into all kinds of fun. Right now we are loving our afternoon sing-a-longs to Italian nursery rhyme songs.

Can you share something others would be surprised to know about you?

Let’s see...I love the wisdom found in the Eastern spiritual traditions (my master’s degree is in Eastern Philosophy) and I am a Christ follower (some people those to things can't go together--but they can!) I would say my faith has been the most significant and transformative and romantic and adventurous journey in my life.

What else? My resume makes folks laugh. I’ve been an aerobics instructor, a flight attendant, a tutor for foster kids, a “web-master”, a pole-dancing instructor, a boudoir photographer...and I used to consider becoming a nun.

Also...I’ve been to every continent except Antartica. Every summer for ten years I spent a month with my family traveling to an exploring somewhere new in the world. I love our world...and airports.

What do you do to stay healthy? Do you have any routines or rituals?

I love my green drinks! The day just seems to go so much better when I get a good dose of chrophyll in the morning. I also practice yoga and meditation, not just on my mat, but throughout the day. Simple, intentional inhales and exhales bring me back to the grace & peace my mind often steps ahead of.

In your words, what is A Savoury Soul?

A savoury soul is a soul rich in wisdom; a soul that loves much and gives love freely; a soul that feels right at home in the company of herself as well as with others; a soul that knows it’s own joy and delights to share it with the world.


Morgan Day Cecil is a writer and yoga teacher in training in Portland, OR.  She and her handsome man, along with their two kids, are pursuing what it looks like to live a life of romance and adventure with grace and peace.

She is creator of The Romance & Adventure Guide and (coming in 2014) the ecourse. Currently she and her husband are creating a curriculum to help married couples live a life of true romance and meaningful adventure together.