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Amongst the many amazing and totally inspiring individuals in the bloggy world, there are also websites that are dedicated to highlighting many of these said blogs, often honing in on a specific topic, exactly like Herbs and Oils World does. Herbs and Oils World is a website dedicated to informing people of great tutorials for awesome and innovative ways one can use herbs and essential oils.

Herbs and Oils World

I love this site for a couple reasons. One, it's a one stop place for an array of information from health to home & garden using the long-time healer, herbs and essential oils. Second, because they peruse around the internet and pull from other blogs and sites, it's allowing me to find even more amazing like-minded people in the world.

Although the posts focus on an multitude of topics, the common theme throughout each category is homemade, natural, and good for your soul. Taking products you've used in the past and making them healthier, cheaper and best of all, from home.

Some of my top favs so far are:

67 Homemade All Natural Cleaners (originally from Keeper of the Home) Because who wants to by yucky, toxin-laden, super expensive ones at the store when you can make your own from vinegar, baking soda and essential oils? Booking marking this one for sure!

Top 5 Anti Aging Oils (originally from Minimalist Beauty) So I'm going to be honest. I'm almost 33 and the years I spent basking in the sun and not covering up are starting to show up as lines around my eyes, creases in my forehead and 'older' looking skin. I'm all for aging gracefully but if I can prevent further damage and not look like a raisin by the time I'm 40, I'm game. My only request now, all natural and organic ingredients!

How to Make Vanilla Extract  (originally from Modern Alternative Mama) There are certain things that are on my grocery list that I cringe when I see the price of them. Vanilla extract is one of those. To purchase a good quality, organic vanilla extract is around $10-$15. When you are playing around with recipes this can add up pretty quick. Plus, I love the idea of putting my special touch onto something that will go into my belly.

I think by now I've probably convinced you to browse Herbs and Oils World in your own time. There are so many super cool ideas and hey, you will also end up on some other pretty awesome sites as well.

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