A Savoury Soul: Elizabeth McKenzie // Your Highest Self

I have one word for this gal: AU-THEN-TIC. When I first stumbled upon Elizabeth's blog, Your Highest Self, my heart filled with joy and hope as I read her written word. She is a powerful little rock star who beams, no...radiates from deep inside. Her message is powerful and very clear... ROCK YOUR LIFE. No matter how it's done, live from a place of peace and happiness and live a life that 100% YOURS. Love this girl!

Meet, Elizabeth McKenzie from Your Highest Self:


1. What promoted you to start Your Highest Self?

About a year ago I had a fleeting thought that said I could start a blog. I didn’t do much with it at the time, except that thought planted the seed for a nagging idea that wouldn’t go away! During the germination process I started reading other people’s blogs – showing me the light which made me realize it was my time to shine my light for others. Your Highest Self was the first name that came to me and I tried so hard to shake it but it stuck. You know the rest!

2. When did your journey to 'rock your best life' begin?

At the end of 2009 I was thrown head first into discovering me. After a break up I realized I was aimlessly floating through life completely unhappy. In that moment I declared: I just want to be happy. My heart was yelling out for respite, relief, and radical self-love. Up until that moment I had no idea what self-love was, because it was very cleverly disguised and in a relationship.

So, after my declaration I saw a kinesiologist for the first time and that changed my life. It’s ma thang. I’m the kinesiology gal. And I can’t wait to start studying it.

And so each and every moment from the first session has been about uncovering my layers, getting to know who I am at my core and shedding the identities and voices of others I had latched onto until I was completely, 100% me.

These days, I’m totally 100% me. That means that I’m all about living in the world we live in now. I used to wish I was more of a hippie but really I’m not. I love Nike high tops too much and I’m sourcing a pair of boyfriend jeans as we speak – that’s just who I am. And it’s perfect. I feel like I’ve finally crack the code to letting all of me shine, not just the bits I thought people wanted to see. So yeh, I’m rocking me (just quietly).

3. You talk a lot about finding your voice on your blog, could you explain a little more about what you mean by that?

When I talk about finding your voice what I’m really talking about is rediscovering your truth and who you are at your essence. I’m all about stripping away everything that’s not actually you until there’s nothing but your truth. So when I talk about finding our voice it’s all about reconnecting with who we are, what our truth is and rocking our best life being ourselves unapologetically.

4. What are your top 5 tips for loving yourself deeply and letting go of limiting, fear-based beliefs?

Forgiving yourself and other people regularly: it’s so easy to be trapped in the past or hating our current situation when we don’t forgive. Practicing forgiveness takes away that crazy emotional barrier that stops you from just breathing and accepting where you are now and using it to your advantage. Breathing through fear and just doing it anyway: I’ve realized lately that there’s always going to be fear, and it usually comes about when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. That is, whenever we grow, fear will rock up. You can’t really ‘get rid’ of fear until you actually go through with your plans and come out the other side. Just do it! Do your figure 8’s to balance your left and right brain and raise your vibration (see this post for instructions ) Meditation: For me, my practice comes and goes but I know when I’m starting to feel a bit off, I need to get my meditation on. It’s brings me back into myself. Annnnd relax. Rest: Channel your inner nanna and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. On top of that rest also includes enough time to just be, do nothing (or mindlessly watch TV and reboot your brain). Rest is so easily missed because we don’t want to feel like we’re slacking on the road to achieving our dreams but this is self-love at its best!

5. What would a typical day devoted to self-love look like for you?

I like to wake up super early because it gives me time to get creative with writing before the day makes its impression on me. I’m super creative in the mornings and devoting time to do that before my other commitments makes me feel alive. And loving me.

I always try to fit in a walk (and lucky I’ve got a rad excuse in the form on my four paws baby) but thing is I love to meditate and walk at the same time. You know, the connection of moving my body and releasing thoughts and getting a download from my highest self. It’s killing three birds with one stone style.

Running my figure 8’s on the tram is the best use of my tram time to date.

Oh, and I try to fit these in daily: drinking plenty of water, lots of sleep, massive amounts of cuddles from my pooch and laughing!

6. If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be and why?

Good question! I think it would be to raise the vibration of the world, and to do that by helping people realize their potential and get them doing what they were put on this planet to do. Imagine a world where everyone is following their life’s purpose, filled with passion and love. The world would be buzzing!

7. What does A Savoury Soul mean to you?

A savoury soul means having that deep connection and ultimate respect of your soul and your spirit.

  Elizabeth McKenzie I’m Elizabeth, the writer behind Your Highest Self, an online place where I share insight, inspiration and wicked wisdom to help you find your voice, speak your truth and own your destiny. I’m currently living in Melbourne (which serves me my daily dose of radness) and when I’m not stepping up to create my dream life(and my upcoming ecourse) you’ll find me walking my pooch, getting weird looks on the tram and writing email replies that send through at 5am in the morning.

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