A Savoury Soul: Elizabeth McKenzie // Your Highest Self

I love how the internet works,  especially when you are procrastinating. You start on one blog or website and thirty minutes later, you have bounced from one link to another and finally, you are somewhere you never intended to be but happy you landed there. Sometimes it's serendipitous.  That is how I felt when I came across Elizabeth McKenzie's blog, Your Highest Self. yhs-find-your-voice-own-your-destiny-banner-230513-correct-size

I'm kind of developing a bit of a crush on her, in the totally platonic way but a crush none-the-less.

Her radiant authenticity is unique and her post make me wish I lived in Australia so I could invite her out for a cup of tea and pick her brain and get to know her. I think if I actually had the opportunity, she would be one of those people you are drawn to be around because doing so makes you smile and laugh and feel like you can be just yourself and love every second of it.

I can't remember the first post I read of hers but one that really hits home for me is titled, On the Road to Achieving my Dream Life: Look Out for Self Sabotage on the Left.

Liz is just so honest which make me want to live and write more from an honest place too. To find my own voice in a world full of them.

Check Your Highest Self out. You can also find Liz on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram...you know,  all those fun social media sites :)

Now, I'm off to Hawaii one of the most mystical, magical places so  you can expect some juicy, totally authentic, love-filled posts when I return. Heck, you just may even get one while I'm there!