A Savoury Soul: Claire Baker // This is Lifeblood

I've said this several times before and I'll probably keep saying it but I love the world of blogging because of all the awesome people you find along the way. Claire from This is Lifeblood is one of the latest I've discovered and I've been having a blast perusing her world. She is magnetic. There is something about the way she writes that pulls you in and before you know it, thirty minutes have gone by and you are still engrossed. Claire, like myself, is currently enrolled with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is on an incredible journey of self discovery and growth and future health coach.

This is Lifeblood

It doesn't take long to see that Claire is authentic, real and passionate about life, personal growth and helping others discover their path. She has incredible nuggets of wisdom and a truth that is  bold, kind and humble.

Some of my favorite posts thus far are Turning Chaos into Creativity, Screw Your To-Do List & Head to the Beach, and ALL of her Heroines with Heart. Okay, pretty much ALL of her posts are on the favorite list!

She's another inspiring woman who I wish (if I lived in Australia) that I could call up and head out with for a power creativity session.

In the short time she has been blogging she has already done incredible things. She's one to keep an eye on cause she's going to good things for some many people!

You can find her blog, This is Lifeblood here and you can also check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Have an lovely weekend and do something that makes you laugh and smile!